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Javiera Lagos


Ashtanga Mysore Program

I discovered yoga while attending University in Chile in 2008, under the guidance of my first yoga teachers Gabriel Beilinson and Valentina Doren. who happened to be also professional surfers. This experience sparked a love for yoga, surfing, nature, and a healthy lifestyle that was the first cornerstone of a lifelong path.


Due to my background as a former elite rhythmic gymnast for teen years, it was natural to connect with movement, focus, and discipline. This is why, in 2012 I embarked on my first trip to Kerala, India to deepen my knowledge with a TTC  and fell in love with India’s culture and traditions. 


After completing my Master’s degree in Economy, I moved to Berlin in 2015, and since then, I have been practicing under the guidance of Matthew & Carla Vollmer, Matias de Biedma & Carola della Croce. I also traveled to Mysore, India twice to practice with Sharath Jois. I am incredibly grateful to all my teachers, who have not only taught and guided me in a traditional parampara but also inspired and supported me both on and off the mat. Their encouragement has been instrumental in shaping me into the person I am today.

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Javi India

Carolina Bavio

Chanting Yoga Sutras

Carolina’s first encounter with Chanting was in 2016 and has been studying regularly since 2018 with Christina Hug in the Tradition of Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.


She studied Yoga Philosophy and Vedanta with Arvind Pare (disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati). She has taken lessons in lyrical singing, audioperception, piano and musical theory. She practices and teaches Meditation and Yoga.

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Iara Vilardebo

Somatic Lab

Iara  is a Somatic Coach specialized in sexuality, nervous system and trauma. Her journey of healing her Endometriosis led her to experience and learn about Conscious Sexuality, Fertility Awareness, Mindfulness Meditation, Tantra and Plant Medicine. 

In the realm of Trauma Work, she's been trained with teachers as Gabor Maté, Tara Brach, Richard Schwartz and Stephen Porges. 


With loving compassion and a fearless heart, Iara creates and holds safe spaces for women to descend to their bodies, connect to themselves and unlock the power to create the life they envision and desire.

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Silvia Bachetti

Inner Cosmos

Silvia is an eternal student with a deep passion for the cosmos and mind. She dedicated the past years to the study of astrology with an evolutionary and psychological approach, under the guidance of her teacher Florbela Cristovão, together with and interdisciplinary perspective spanning to visual art and iconography, tarot and Ayurveda. 

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Iga Kowalczyk

Vinyasa Yoga

After graduating from Ballet School in Poland, she moved to Paris to work as a professional dancer and took her first yoga class. She fell in love. 

She discovered how much of a positive impact her practice had on her life, both mentally and physically, helping her get through many difficult times while working as a professional dancer around the world.


After moving to Berlin, Iga completed her teacher training. She seeks to share her knowledge and practice with her students by teaching alignment based classes that focus on combining breath and movement. She hopes to help others develop body awareness, a balance between flexibility and strength, and a connection to their most honest self.

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Pascale Pieper

Yin Release Lab

Pascale is an experienced yoga teacher, with a special curiosity for the connection between the body and the mind. Complementing Ashtanga Yoga and Yin, she leads group classes in Berlin where the focus is on awareness and self-observation.

Together with her love for Yoga, she devotes her time to research and practice. Her areas of interest include: Tarot, Body Psychotherapy, Tantra, Breathwork, Mindfulness and Shadow work.

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Louisa Liebgott

Resilience Lab 

Transformational Breathwork

Louisa is a dedicated Breathwork Facilitator, Naturopath, and Coach, specializing in stress management, burnout prevention, personal development, and holistic nutrition.


Her journey began with a deeply personal experience of the long-term effects of stress and burnout, leading her to embark on a path of self-discovery of nervous system regulation. She explored a variety of approaches, from holistic nutrition and bodywork to spiritual methods, plant medicine, and holistic healing practices. During this journey, she discovered the transformative power of breathwork. Breath, a reflection of life, an indicator of the nervous system, and a profound tool for transformation, became her passion.


Today, Louisa facilitates Transformational Breathwork (also known as Conscious Connected Breathwork) and Conscious Breathwork, while also teaching Nervous System Regulation. Through her work, she helps individuals reconnect with their breath, find balance, and transform their lives.

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