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Vinyasa Yoga

with Iga Kowalczyk

Monday 20:15 - 21:15

From 13.05

Powerful Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic sequence of yoga poses synchronized with the breath, creating a flowing movement from one pose to another. Students move through a variety of poses that stretch and open the body, increasing mobility, strength, and range of motion, with options for modifications to suit different levels of experience. Like all form of yoga, Vinyasa emphasizes mindfulness and presence. Students will be encouraged to stay focused on the present moment, paying attention to sensations in the body and the rhythm of the breath.


Drop-in: 20€

4 x month: 60€

USC Check in 


Somatic Lab

with Iara Vilardebo

Tuesday 20:15 - 21:15

Somatic Lab is a regular space for women to explore sensual and somatic practices to nurture our body, mind and spirit. 

Sharing self-exploration tools, inspired by tantra, somatic movement, Breath-work and meditation, we will center into going inwards and make space to our emotions, body sensations and to depend the dialogue to our bodies and needs. An hour to re-calibrate your frequency, open your heart and take care of your energy with love.

Please bring your own mat :)

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Drop-in: 20€

4 x month: 60€

The Lab & AHB Students: 10€

We use USC Check-in as a discount on our fair prices

Drop-in: USC Check in + 13€

4 x month: USC Check in + 32€ (Payment up front)


with Saleh Yazdani

Wednesday 20:15 - 21:15

From 03.04

Saleh's handstand class is for those at an intermediate level. You'll focus on getting your alignment and technique spot-on, and learn how to transition smoothly between positions. We'll also work on building strength with press-ups and preparing for one-arm handstands. Depending on your skill level, we'll explore different variations of the one-arm handstand. It's a practical, hands-on class to help you improve your handstand skills step by step.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity, which is why this class has a capacity of 10 students.  Please bring your own mat and register.


4 x month: 60€

Drop-in: 20€

USC Check in + 8€

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