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Pelvic Floor Immersion

with Carolina Bavio

8 weeks workshop - May 23- July 11

Thursday 14:00 - 15:30

This workshop offers an exploration of the pelvic floor as the foundational core of our physical and emotional well-being.


Through a blend of anatomical understanding, somatic practices, yogic insights, and meditation, participants will delve into the intricate workings of the pelvic floor and its vital role in movement and breath. Attendees will learn to recognize signs of imbalance in their pelvic floor, whether it be excessive tension, weakness, or lack of coordination, and gain tools to restore harmony. Each session will provide new insights, encouraging participants to engage actively through note-taking and personal reflection.

The integration of these teachings extends beyond the workshop space, empowering individuals to apply newfound awareness to their yoga practice, daily movements, and postural habits. Yogic concepts such as Muladhara and bandhas will be explored, deepening understanding and connection to the pelvic region.

Emphasizing the interconnectedness of body and mind, the workshop acknowledges the role of the unconscious in physical health and healing. Participants are invited to create a supportive environment for the release of stored emotions and memories, facilitating the healing process.

Given the complexity of pelvic floor exploration, the workshop unfolds over several weeks, allowing for sustained inquiry and shared experiences within the group. Ultimately, it serves as an invitation to cultivate a deeper relationship with our foundation, fostering groundedness and resilience as we navigate life's journey.

Price: 150€

USC Check-in as a discount.

Social/Student price on request

Two payment possible

How We Wish - Collage Workshop

with Diana Aldana

Friday 24.05 at 19:30 - 21:00 hrs

The collage workshop is inspired by a family tradition rooted in a religious ceremony on December 8th, in which individuals place candles in front of their homes, symbolizing wishes and seeking protection and unity with their with their loved ones.


Introduced to Diana by a friend's family years ago, the tradition became an annual event, with participants experiencing images from the collages magically manifesting in their lives.


Diana has continued this tradition with friends, harnessing the collective creative energy of workshop participants to give voice to the unconscious and materialize it through creative expression.

Price: 20€

The Lab & AHB Students: 15€

USC check in + 13€

Poster Inner Cosmos.jpeg

Inner Cosmos

with Silvia Bachetti

Friday 07.06 at 19:15 - 20:30

Friday 05.07

As above so below, as within so without


Every new moon of the month we'll meet for an evening of reflections and exchange around the topics brought up by the lunation. Through meditation, iconography and talks we'll explore together the potential and challenges that arise from the current astrological conditions. This will also be an opportunity to dig deeper into the astrology archetypes, observing how these can be tools for interpreting our outer and inner reality.

Please bring your yoga mat and to avoid screens don’t forget your printed natal chart, as we will see how the collective blends with your individual experience.

Calculate here your Natal Chart

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Price: 15€

The Lab & AHB Students: 10€

USC + 10€

Image: Jupiter in Virgo, 1965. René Magritte

Summer Promo 2x1

 Mysore Style Workshop + Unlimited month practice 

with Javiera Lagos

Saturday 8.06 at 9:30 - 13:00 hrs

In this workshop you will learn the Ashtanga Yoga system from the ground up. We will cover the importance of Tristhana, which includes breath, gaze and posture. We will experiment with different exercises to discover how to connect with the bandhas and ujjayi breath. Learn about the different dristhis (points of gaze), and get on the mat to practice sun salutations, standing poses, and finishing sequences of the primary series.

Mysore style is the traditional method of learning, practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga. It involves a personal moving meditation in which each breath leads to the next movement following a sequence of postures. This method allows practitioners to own their practice and get to know themselves through it. In the Mysore room, everyone practices at their own pace while the teacher provides individualized assistance to meet each student’s needs. The group connects through the breath, creating a motivating and supportive energy of ‘we are in this together’.


Ashtanga is for everyone and all are welcome!

Price 2x1: 130€ (65€ each)

caco circle - Full moon-13B.jpg

Cacao Circle

with Sandra Mendez


A Cacao Circle is a ritual space where we gather around sacred cacao and local ally plants to develop a deeper and more reciprocal connection with ourselves, other humans and more-than-humans. 


Cacao is a teaching plant, known and used by the Mesoamerican people to help us connect with the essence of life, love and joy. 

The relationship with allied and teacher plants has been cultivated by all the indigenous peoples of the world throughout history. In Europe we can still find this knowledge in the wisdom of plants in folk culture and herbalism. 

We will gather under the full moon to drink cacao infused with local ally plants and to explore our breath as a way to get in touch with our bodies, our hearts and our emotions. This will be followed by a guided meditation to cultivate compassion and loving kindness and to bring joy into our own lives and relationships. 

Price: 20€

The Lab & AHB Students: 15€

USC check in + 13€

Chanting Yoga Sutras

with Carolina Bavio

Friday 14.06 at 15:30 - 16:30

Yoga Sutra Chanting is a singing meditation where you learn to chant the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali by heart.


Held on the first Friday of each month, this class will expand our breathing capacity for effortless singing, increase our awareness of hearing melodies, pronouncing Sanskrit words, and understanding rhythm, sensitize our system to other people's voices and the vibration of space, train our ability to stay focused for long periods of time, and learn to chant yoga sutras by heart. 

This class is open to everyone. No previous experience is necessary. Drop-in is possible, but please be aware that we will be adding sutras from week to week.

Price: 15€

The Lab & AHB Students: 10€

USC + 5€

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