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Energy Lab Retreat

Ericeira - Portuga
: 12- 17 October

Vol. 3. 12- 17 October 2024

Yoga Ashtanga Mysore, 
Surf and Surfskate

Villa with swimming pools, 
personal chef, garden and 
patio with panoramic 

Santo Isidoro - Ericeira
Lisbon, Portugal

What's included:

5 Meditation & Pranayama practices

5 Morning Ashtanga Yoga classes

3 Evening workshops

4 Surf classes
2 Surfskate lessons 

1 Surfskate sunset event

Daily brunch and dinner by a private chef
Private transport available for the whole retreat.

Professional Photographer

use the body to go beyond the body
We believe in the connection with our inner selves through the physical action.

Alberto 00412.jpg

A day at the Energy Lab Retreat

yoga and meditation

surf and the ocean

surfsktate session

workshops & circles

Waking up the body with our breath through Pranayama techniques is a magical feeling. Sitting in a circle we will raise our energy following the rhythm of the sunrise.

After a 30-minute circle, we will begin our morning Ashtanga Yoga practice under the guidance of Javi. She will introduce us to the beauty of the Ashtanga Mysore style system.

After a delicious brunch and some rest, we will head to Ribeira d'Ilhas for a surf session. If this is your first time, don't worry. We will first have a lesson on the beach before heading out into the ocean. White waves or green waves, this depends on your level and the tides. Our teacher will help us catch the waves during this 2-hour surf session. 

Still some energy left? Now is the perfect time to learn how to ride a surfskate. After our first introductory class with Greta, you are free to continue practicing at the beach, next to the villa, or, if you are already experienced, to join a bowl ride until the next group lesson where we will learn new skills together.

During these days, we aim to create a safe space. The evening is dedicated to learning, exchanging thoughts, and assimilating information. Workshops will be held to deepen certain topics, which can be put into practice on the following days. But don't worry, the evenings are also a time to relax, have fun and get to know each other better.

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The House

A stunning villa in the heart of Santo Isidoro, Ericeira,

the second World Surf reserve, awaits you! 

A unique Location to enjoy a coastal slow life.

7 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms

2 Kitchens

2 heated pools

Panoramic view

Big communal area

Grilled area and an outside dining area


Parking spot available


The house can host 10 - 14 guests

see all the photos


for one person

Ends 30.04.2024
2.080 € 


2.180 €


double or twin bed

Ends 30.04.2024

1.780 €


 1.880 €

Bring a friend and you will both get 30% OFF

buy two tickets together to use the BRINGAFRIEND promotion and

each of you will only pay 1.360 € 

Meet your team



Javiera Lagos
Founder, ashtanga yoga teacher and passionate surfer.



Greta Bolzoni

Organizer, surfskate athlete and passionate surfer. 


Johannes 3210.jpg


Blue Ocean Surf School

 located inside the world surfing reserve, Ribeira D’llhas beach, Ericeira.



Jamie Osborne
Professional chef and
passionate surfer.


Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 16.34.38.png


Johannes Östergard

Director, Cinematographer  and passionate surfer. 

Alberto 00390.jpg


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Alberto _4338.jpg
Alberto _4338.jpg
Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

Experience the transformative Ashtanga Mysore style, a personal moving meditation. Each breath seamlessly guides the next movement in a sequence of postures, allowing you to truly own your practice and discover yourself through it. In the Mysore room, everyone practices at their own tempo, supported by a dedicated teacher who tailors guidance to individual needs. Unleash the power of self-exploration in this unique and empowering practice.

Johannes 3215.jpg
Surf Lessons

During your six-day retreat you'll have the opportunity to participate in four surf classes led by a professional school. 

No matter your skill level, the group classes are thoughtfully divided, providing tailored guidance for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. Beginners can learn the basics and embrace the thrill of surfing, while intermediates can further enhance their skills and discover new tricks at one of the renowned surf spots.

Please note that the schedule and location of the surf classes will be dependent on the tides, ensuring the optimal conditions for an unforgettable surfing experience.

Johannes 3215.jpg
Alberto 00585.jpg
Alberto 00585.jpg
Surfskate Session

Whether you're a beginner or already experienced in riding a board, our surfskate classes offer the perfect introduction or a chance to enhance your skills.

Together, we'll lay the foundation for improvement and exchange tricks. Our focus will be tailored to the group's level, allowing us to target individual goals and apply the acquired skills across different disciplines.

We firmly believe in the interconnection of these practices, as each discipline complements and benefits the others. Surfskate, in particular, cultivates balance and strength, and will for sure help you while riding the real waves


As a group of foodies, good meals are a key point of our day. Our amazing chef Jamie will delight us with tasty healthy and energizing food, perfect for fueling a sporty day. 
Your retreat package includes two meals per day: a satisfying brunch following the yoga session and a delightful dinner. We also have you covered with daily grab-and-go snacks, including vegan options to your dietary preferences.
Get ready to indulge in the flavors and nourish your body throughout your retreat.

“I loved everything about the retreat, the activities, the people, the house and the food! It's crazy how a week of practice can set you on a path of a lasting habit. It's literally about experiencing a lifestyle "


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 and you will both get 30% OFF 


How does the booking work? 

The payment can be effectuated in two rates. The first booking fee consists of 400€ (non refundable) The remaining balance must be paid by 01.09.2024.For other payment options please contact us.


  25% OFF 

The cost of flights and the transportation from and to the airport is not included in the price. However, we can assist you in making
these arrangements.

What is not included in the costs?

What skill level is required for the retreat?

Everyone is welcome regardless of their skill level. We offer courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.

I have my own equipment, can I bring it?

Yes, you can bring your own wetsuit or Surfskate without any issues.  However, if you plan on bringing your own surf board, please let us know in advance so we can check if there is enough space in the rented car.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome, regardless of the gender, experience and age. The only limit is for people below 18.

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